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We’ve Moved!

October 27, 2011

We’ve moved.  Find us at

Happy Monday + fruits, veggies and florals

October 17, 2011

This weekend after a late breakfast we made our way to the local farmer’s market.  I love strolling around looking at (and sampling) the fresh fruits and vegetables, smelling the fresh flowers and letting the Little Miss pick out some of her own healthy treats to take home.  On this particular trip I had my camera with me and decided to get some practice since I am still learning to use it.  While I was taking photos a gentleman who was shopping with his wife stopped to give me a photography tip.  It was actually quite sweet.  He told me to get as close as I could.  He would point to different objects for me to try to shoot and even took a minute to see how the photos turned out.  He offered some positive feedback and told me not to forget what he taught me.  Although I still have much to learn I was actually quite pleased with how the photos turned out.  Take a peek:

I can only imagine how they would have turned out if I actually knew how to use the camera settings :).  As for the produce, this weekend’s plums were heavenly and Little Miss loved her grapes and strawberries.  Her vegetable of choice this time – corn (one of her daddy’s favorites) and with the help of her nana she picked out three ears so that she could share her daddy and me.  The green beans shall have to wait I suppose.  What about you?  Do you shop at your local farmer’s market?  If you do what are your must have fruits and veggies?

Happy Monday! xo.


p.s.  Have you ever tried spaghetti squash?  I made some for dinner last week for the first time of the fall season.  After trying it at a friend’s house and making it for dinner for my family (the following week!) a year ago I was excited to make this alternative to pasta again.

{Their Journey} Wish Upon A Star

October 14, 2011

Good evening lovelies!  I am so excited to share with you all that our Celebration of Wishes is being  featured on Ohdeedoh’s website today.  Odeedoh is a lovely home and design site that focuses on children.   Each day they feature  “The Best Kid’s Parties”.  Please visit their  site and see what I had to share about our special celebration!  While you are there stay awhile and see some of the other amazing parties featured. 

Happy Weekend! Be sure to wish upon a star this evening!  You all know what happens when you do!!




p.s.  In case you missed it see our posts on the celebration here and here.

{Hers} A Bedtime Song

October 11, 2011

“Can we sing it?”  “Sure.  Ok.  Let’s sing it.”

“Your turn…”  “My turn…”  “Ok.  Now together.” She chuckles as I pull her closer so that her head rests on my shoulder.  Both our heads resting on the same pink pillow.  We sing the words in our silly voice.  In our fast voice and then slowly.  We sing them like a soul sista.  She’s got plenty of soul.  Enough for the both of us and then I drop a beat and we rap.  When we get to the end she is laughing so hard she can hardly speak.  Again she says, “One page.”  I reply, “Your turn….”  “My turn…”  “Ok.  Now together.”

These days we sing our bedtime stories.  It’s what we do.  In our silliness I find joy and in those moments the troubles of today fade away.  Nothing matters.  Nothing except this moment.  We say our prayers.  We thank God for this day, each other and for simply being who He is.  I kiss her on her forehead, stand up and walk to go turn off the lights.   “Don’t leave.  Lay with me for a little while.”  I kiss her again and tell her that I love her so much; as a matter of fact I love her “forever and always”.  “Give me a hug, she says.”  I know where this is going.  This has become our nightly routine.  As I hug her she pulls me tightly refusing to let go. “Ok” I say.  “But only for a minute”.  “Ok mommy”, she replies.  I lay down beside her holding her closely.  I look at her hands curled up under her chin.  Still small but much bigger than the tiny ones that used to reach for me to pick her up.
I start to think of all of the things that I still have to do, laundry – it’s been sitting in the basket for almost a week, dishes, sign permission slips, sleep.  My thoughts are interrupted by the melodious – or not – sounds of my child’s snores.  Again it fades away, this time the thoughts of undone tasks.  Again nothing else matters.  It’s just me and her.  Now I listen to the sounds of her breathing.  The sweet song that tells me she is here with me.


I’m linking up with Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary today for Just Write.

{Hers} Happy Monday + new pants and a new attitude

October 10, 2011
Today I am feeling good.  Literally.  A friend and I often laugh about the part in the movie Eat Pray Love where Elizabeth and her friend go shopping and purchase some “big girl jeans”.  Today after weeks and weeks of fighting it, my mother and I went shopping and I left in tow with two pairs of jeans each two sizes above my “normal” size (I was trying to get away from that too tight feeling).  It’s no surprise that I love food, particularly sweets but because I am not as active as I once was my love of food has caught up with me.  My pants are uncomfortable, borderline painful,  and I have been walking around feeling very self-conscious.  My Mr. and I have decided to get back to exercising.  We tend to prepare healthy meals at home (although I do love dessert before bed) but I’ve got to step up my game and make a lifestyle change.  My daughter loves being active and especially enjoys playing Just Dance II but after two songs I’m out of breath and energy.
Anyway in the meantime I’ll be rockin my big girl jeans.  Because I want to feel good and take pride in my appearance no matter what size I am.  I want to be comfortable not just in my own skin but in my clothes too.  I’m getting ready to make a lifestyle change so wish me luck!  And if you’ve got any tips for me on how to stay motivated I’d love to hear them.   In my college years the only time I lost weight was after a cold or heartbreak and not with exercise.  When I was tone and physically fit (I used to be a runner) I felt great and now I’m trying to get back to that place by focusing on being more healthy!
Oh and just so you know, I’m not ready to give up the sweets just yet so if you see me tweet or blog about a cookie or a chocolate shake please be kind.  Isn’t it about portion control anyway?
Enjoy the rest of our Monday! xo.  KB.
{bluebirds, blue jeans, blue sky print by Sarah Knight via etsy.  Want one?! Click here.}
p.s.  Have you ever bought clothing in a bigger size rather than waiting until you could fit back into your “normal” (smaller size)?

{Hers} A Letter to Myself

October 9, 2011

Dear Krishann,

Do you remember the card?  You were in your early 20’s back then.  You were a single mother in college and had met the man who you believed in your heart would be you and your baby’s forever and always.  Perhaps he didn’t know it yet but you did. One day, over lunch he handed you a card that was given to him.  You read the words to yourself as he sat beside you.  You looked up at him, you smiled and thanked him.  Then you tucked it in your purse to revisit at another time.  Later that evening you took it out and again read the words only this time aloud.  You placed it in your wallet where it has remained over the years as a reminder that you, yes you, are enough.  You were going through one of the most challenging times of your life back then but you knew you had to keep it together because you had a child to raise and a degree to get.  There was no time to feel anything other than adoration for your daughter and determination to triumph in the face of adversity. It seemed there was not much time for grieving or for sadness.  Whatever you did you had to keep moving.  It was a matter of fact.  And now, years later, here you sit again face to face with adversity only instead you feel small and inadequate.  You have given all you had.  You gave and gave and still felt as if you should have done more.  You gave until there was nothing left and yet you sit and have the nerve to wonder “Did I do a good job?”, “Should I have done more?”, “What if it’s not good enough?”  Would you be still for just a moment?  Be still so that you might feel and listen to your heart.  What good are you to your husband, to your child if you have worn yourself into the ground as a part of your efforts to find validation in the words of others as opposed to within?  Why are you sitting here waiting for someone else to tell you that you are worth it?  That you are special, that you have a gift that you are a gift.  How much more time will you waste seeking approval from others?  They say we are creatures of habit; therefore, you must fight so as not to fall back into the old ways of thinking that inhabited your mind for so long.  You must fight to rise above this.  Have you stopped to look back lately so that you might see how far you have come?  Have you sat still so that you might hear that faint voice within you telling you that you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to be?  Just stop.  Stop putting your needs on hold so that you might tend to the needs of others.  Stop pouring your time and energy into those who don’t value you, those who don’t see that you are more than just a “yes man” or their “go to girl”, and those that only seem to resurface when they are in need of a favor or a helping hand.  Stop giving others all you have causing you to be left with nothing or without the energy needed to put into the two people that give you such joy and greatest return for all the love that you might give – your husband and your child.  They need you, they love you and in their eyes you are more than enough.  They aren’t asking for the best instead they simply want your best that’s all.  It seems you might have forgotten the words that made you smile so many years ago.  The words that you have carried with you over the years the words that hold true even to this day so I will remind you.  Go back to that place where you decided that you would not look to others to make you feel whole and instead would look within.  Go back to that 20 something year old who decided that it was time to change the way she thought; the one who declared that she was going to fall in love with herself again and again realizing that it was time to love the woman she saw when she looked in the mirror because in order to love her family with all of her heart she had to love herself with all of her heart first.  Now pay close attention as I remind you of the very words you tucked away in your wallet and your heart once upon a time:

“All you’ve got is all you can give and that will always be enough.” – Sarah Mueller

Now do you remember?  As with all things this too shall pass.  This feeling of inadequacy shall not last forever.  You will open up your eyes so that you might see your greatness and you will open up your heart so that you might feel self love and the pure and unconditional love you have been blessed to wake up to each morning in the form of your family.

You have never met a challenge you could not overcome and this one will be no different.  As long as you give it your all you will get through this and I promise you that in the end it will have been enough.  Promise.




I’m linking up today with Just. Be. Enough.  Please visit to link up or show your support!

Instagram photo by Krishann

A Peek Inside Childhood Hunger

October 8, 2011

According to the US Department of Agriculture in 2010 16.2 million children lived in food-insecure households in which children, along with adults, were food insecure.

Last night the three of us went to bed with our bellies full.  In seven years of  life my daughter has never experienced true hunger.  She will cry that she is hungry when dinner has taken a little too long to prepare or when she has slept in later than usual and wakes up to her tummy growling.  Even then, she knows that her request for breakfast will be fulfilled and that as the day progresses she will have snack, lunch, dinner and possibly dessert.   Yesterday as I left a visit heading back to the office all I could think about was the fact that I was “starving” but I wasn’t.  I hadn’t brought a lunch that day and immediately pulled over at the sight of a Food Truck.   My hunger was easily fulfilled.

My family doesn’t know what it is like really be hungry.  Each week we buy groceries.  If anything we have been learning how to shop so as not to be wasteful.  We don’t lose sleep wondering where our next meal is coming from and my child doesn’t go to school with an empty stomach each day expected to be able to focus and learn while there.

Although I have never experienced what it is to be hungry the notion of it is no stranger to my life.  My grandmother hoards food.  She has a refrigerator and freezer full of it.  I believe that this stems from her childhood one that was not plentiful.  For much of my childhood my mother, brother and I lived with her and through her we learned a thing or two about compassion and giving.  I will never forget Richard.  He has been the subject in one or two of my college papers and the reason why I did a presentation on Homelessness in my speech class and spent the day walking around with a “Will Work for Food Sign”.  He’s the reason why I often feel compelled to do something.

Richard didn’t have much.  He had a bicycle a backpack and a big heart.  My grandmother’s husband, at the time had met Richard and he and my grandmother decided to invite him into our home.  I have many memories of sitting at the dinner table watching Richard from across the table.  He would be smiling laughing and for a few moments looked like the happy person he probably was before he found himself living on the streets.  For a long time Richard would occasionally pop up for dinner until one day he stopped coming.  I always asked about him and to this day have never forgotten him.  In my own way I loved Richard.  He had come into our lives and into our home and because of him I was never the same.

I also remember another day, vaguely, but I remember.  I was upstairs in my room and heard the sound of voices outside.  I looked out the window and saw three strangers.  Their clothes were unclean and their faces looked tired.  I thought of Richard when I saw them.  My grandmother’s husband went into the garage and came out with a folding table and chairs.  He invited them to take a seat.  He and my grandmother served them a meal that day and sat with them listening to their stories.  Tears well up in my eyes as I think of this because on that day their meal was served to them and their story was heard.

That is kind of what much my childhood looked like.  My grandmother was over a homeless feeding ministry.  She and other church members would cook the most delicious meals and we would serve them.  She would go out and talk with her “guests” and pray with them.   She embraced the ones who needed to be embraced and when I was done serving I would prepare myself a plate and I would go sit with “our guests” too  some of them the same age as me.  My grandmother would obtain food and clothing donations and give but she would also  open her own refrigerator and her wallet in order to give.

I sit here and think about how my life has been shaped by that.  I think to myself  I want that for my own daughter.  She donates food and money and gifts but she has never looked hunger in the face.  She has never  knowingly come face to face with a person who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.  A person who is getting by simply because of the kindness of strangers.

Also often overlooked are those that are hungry but not living in shelters or “on the streets”.  They are dressed, showered and walking along side us, nothing about their appearance suggesting they are hungry.  They are standing in line at the grocery store in front of us adding up the items in their shopping cart to see if they have enough money to buy food for their family. They are our neighbors, our coworkers and our children’s classmates.  Hunger is an epidemic that I believe could easily impact any one of us.  Sometimes things happen to us because of our choices but sometimes things happen to us for reasons beyond our control such as a job loss, family tragedy, medical bills, anything.   But really does any of that matter if someone is hungry and literally without food?

I am looking forward to tomorrow because it might be my daughter’s first real look at hunger aside from the “Feed the Children” commercials she occasionally sees on weekends.  Sesame Street will be airing Growing Hope Against Hunger.  The Little Miss will have an opportunity to see that this impacts all people, people just like us people, people in our very neighborhood.   For her it will be easier to relate to someone her age sharing their story.  It will also be a reminder that all of us can do something even at the age of seven.

I hope you all will join me in watching Growing Hope Against Hunger and that it will be a catalyst for us to begin to have conversations with our littles about hunger and challenges that people are facing right now.  Through the show we will learn ways to do so in a manner that children understand.  It is also said to be a chance for children facing hunger to see that they are not alone in this.  I also hope that it will be an opportunity to instill {more!} compassion in ourselves and our children,  a trait that makes the journey through life sweeter for you and those around you.

May we never have to tell our child(ren) “I’m sorry we have no food”.  May they never have to cry themselves to sleep because the hunger pains that they feel are just too unbearable.  And should we ever find ourselves in a place where we don’t know where our next meal is coming from may God pull on the heart-strings of those around us to offer their support.  KB.

p.s. Watch this video from CBS on the special.

{Hers} Be Still

October 4, 2011

This year I have made every effort to move; to not be complacent and to step out on faith.  I am doing things that I never dreamed I would have the courage to do.  Things that to others might seem small and yet to me they are big steps–an indication that I am not standing still no longer stuck.  I never dreamed that I would have the courage to share who I am on this platform.  To share who you are or where you came from with a friend or an acquaintance is one thing, but when it is written and shared on a more broad level you feel a sense of vulnerability you may not have felt otherwise.  At least that’s the case for me.  Even so in sharing my story I have found that the huge weight that I once carried on my boney tired shoulders, so heavy that I walked with my head down, was lifted and I was freed.

Occasionally I am told that I have inspired another not only to believe, not only to have faith but to also move.  To see beyond where they are at this very moment.  To not only dream but also do and to remember that everyone has a story but our stories remain unwritten meaning anything is possible meaning our past does not define us.  Does it shape us?  I believe so BUT it is not who we are as a whole and instead is merely a small portion of who we are.

I want to write.  There I said it.  I want to write.  I realize that my grammar isn’t perfect and that my history of writing primarily entails haikus from my elementary school years and research papers from my college years and of course the beloved Hallmark cards or love letters.  Ever so often someone will tell me that I have a gift, that somehow the words that I write illicit emotions and that they are able to see what they are reading.  And then I ask myself can that be?    Can the words that I write really do that?  And then of course I thank my mother for her kind words 🙂

For the past year I have wanted to have something that I could do.  Something that I could pour my time and energy (what I have left of it when I come home or the Little Miss goes to bed) into.  Something that I could pour my heart into and feel good about aside from my family.  Writing is the first thing I can think of that I have done in my adult life for me and while I’m not sure that I’m great at it I’m content with being good enough while striving to be better.  Most of all I am happy to be able to have something that I can say I love doing.  Something that not only challenges me but also provides me with satisfaction.  Sort of like parenting but with less pressure.

Doing things for me was so foreign to me and in some ways still is.  One day my husband asked me what I loved to do.  It was hard for me to come up with much aside from something related to him or my daughter.  He encouraged me to find out.  And so I sat, and I thought, and I talked, and I thought and one day I wrote, only not for school or for work, I just wrote and my heart sung.  And at that point I knew.

As I venture into this new journey, a journey that began months ago, a journey in which I travel by way of a keyboard and thought, I can’t help but wonder what’s next.  I’ve sent emails, I’ve tweeted, I’ve prayed and I have stepped out on faith.  I see glimpses of things happening and grow excited but realizing that nothing is set in stone; the smile on my face fades and that creases that adorn my face when I am in thought, deep thought, return.  Now what? I ask myself.

It’s quiet now.  It’s just me and the sound of my fingers as they gently hit the keys striking letters to form words.  Click click click click.  I pause, close my eyes and take a deep breath and it comes to me.  The very thought that has come to me time after time over the past few days only for me to dismiss for no reason other than my belief that I must do something.

Be still.

So what is it that I do next?  Be still.  I don’t know how long I’m supposed to be still but at this moment it feels right and just as it was when I was freed of the bondage I felt by releasing all that was inside of me the weight is lifted.  I take a moment to feel.  Feel the quiet.  Feel the love that swells inside me.  I take a moment to listen and for a moment I imagine what a singing heart sounds like.

I am always learning something.  This time I am learning to be still for it is in my stillness that I have been able to feel, to touch, to hear, to experience things that otherwise might be lost.

I want to write but only so as long as when I do it my heart sings.  Because I have also dreamed of being able to live a life in which I am able to do what it is that I love to do and for now I may not be able to do it every day for the majority of my day but I’m trying to be content and still and do it when I can.  I’m trying to be still so that when whatever is next comes along I won’t miss it and so that I might continue to see, to touch and listen with my heart.


This is my second time participating in “Just Write” (exciting!)!   There’s a great little button on Heather’s blog (thank’s Heather!) but for some reason won’t let me insert in my post :-/ so for now please do click the link.  Here it is one more time for good measure 🙂 “Just Write“.


{Hers} Happy Monday + Tis the season for compromising

October 3, 2011

Well almost anyway.

This weekend allotted for a substantial amount of time for me to ponder.  In between nose blowing, daytime naps and my inability to sleep during the night because I couldn’t breathe (and had slept most of the day) I had a lot of time to think.   After becoming acquainted with Mrs. Guided via twitter I paid a visit to her blog.  A post titled “Family Drama” immediately caught my eye not because we were dealing with family drama of our own but because of the content that immediately followed the thought provoking title.  The dilemma:  Her husband wants to be with his family for the holidays and she wants to be with hers.

Ah yes that dilemma, a dilemma that in our house resulted in one of us being a little unhappy for 1/2 of Christmas day, our first Christmas day as Mr., Mrs. and Little Miss.  Unfortunately this is a challenge many of us in relationships are faced with during the “most wonderful time of the year”.   Then again maybe it’s not so bad, the fact that some of us actually want to spend time with our families (unless of course it’s out of obligation.  That we’ll leave for another day.  Another post.)  The Mr.’s family is very close knit and have always celebrated everything together.  For me I feel even more torn as my parents are divorced and my dad’s birthday is on Christmas which means for him Christmas is all about Jesus and him.  For both of us much of our family lives close by (no more than an hour from us) and because they love us so dearly they want to spend time with us not just before the holiday or after the holiday but on the actual holiday.  While I think family is extremely important I also have this strong desire for my husband, daughter and I to create some of our own family traditions just the three of us and because of that I occasionally  wonder is it selfish to want such a thing.

So my lovelies I ask you, how do you spend your time with extended family during the holiday season?  Do you actually compromise?  Do you alternate or are you fortunate enough to be able to get everyone to come together to celebrate?  Are there ever any hurt feelings and if so how do you respond to that?

It’s only October but Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and as we get closer and closer to November my anxiety grows.

I’d love to hear (read) your thoughts.   And afterwards please go pay a visit to Mrs. Guided.  She and her husband are actually going to let you choose where they spend the holidays.  Brave ones those two are!  Click here to read about their dilemma and vote.

Have a lovely lovely Monday! xo.


p.s.  Meet Stella:

{Stella trying to wake mommy up before her sister can}

She’s our other baby.  And unlike the Little Miss she chews everything and prefers to throw up on our rug .  She’s the Mr.’s pride and joy and this month she turns 2 (14  in dog years)!

{His} Jams

September 30, 2011

So, I found this random Mario track as I was doing my usual weekly music search. As I was listening to it I  waved it off as throwaway track, you know, I’ll like it for about a week and “throw it away after that”. Well, today makes week three that this has been in my “That New New” playlist, so I will be genious and share. Enjoy!

p.s. Feel free to comment if you like it, if you don’t keep it to yourself.*

*On behalf of the Mr. I’d like to inform you that he’s joking. Sort of. No really he is. If you don’t like it hey you don’t like it and if you want him to know you don’t like it by all means tell him :). KB.