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{Hers} Happy Monday + new pants and a new attitude

October 10, 2011
Today I am feeling good.  Literally.  A friend and I often laugh about the part in the movie Eat Pray Love where Elizabeth and her friend go shopping and purchase some “big girl jeans”.  Today after weeks and weeks of fighting it, my mother and I went shopping and I left in tow with two pairs of jeans each two sizes above my “normal” size (I was trying to get away from that too tight feeling).  It’s no surprise that I love food, particularly sweets but because I am not as active as I once was my love of food has caught up with me.  My pants are uncomfortable, borderline painful,  and I have been walking around feeling very self-conscious.  My Mr. and I have decided to get back to exercising.  We tend to prepare healthy meals at home (although I do love dessert before bed) but I’ve got to step up my game and make a lifestyle change.  My daughter loves being active and especially enjoys playing Just Dance II but after two songs I’m out of breath and energy.
Anyway in the meantime I’ll be rockin my big girl jeans.  Because I want to feel good and take pride in my appearance no matter what size I am.  I want to be comfortable not just in my own skin but in my clothes too.  I’m getting ready to make a lifestyle change so wish me luck!  And if you’ve got any tips for me on how to stay motivated I’d love to hear them.   In my college years the only time I lost weight was after a cold or heartbreak and not with exercise.  When I was tone and physically fit (I used to be a runner) I felt great and now I’m trying to get back to that place by focusing on being more healthy!
Oh and just so you know, I’m not ready to give up the sweets just yet so if you see me tweet or blog about a cookie or a chocolate shake please be kind.  Isn’t it about portion control anyway?
Enjoy the rest of our Monday! xo.  KB.
{bluebirds, blue jeans, blue sky print by Sarah Knight via etsy.  Want one?! Click here.}
p.s.  Have you ever bought clothing in a bigger size rather than waiting until you could fit back into your “normal” (smaller size)?
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 10, 2011 5:10 pm

    Life taste much better this way…….

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