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Happy Monday + fruits, veggies and florals

October 17, 2011

This weekend after a late breakfast we made our way to the local farmer’s market.  I love strolling around looking at (and sampling) the fresh fruits and vegetables, smelling the fresh flowers and letting the Little Miss pick out some of her own healthy treats to take home.  On this particular trip I had my camera with me and decided to get some practice since I am still learning to use it.  While I was taking photos a gentleman who was shopping with his wife stopped to give me a photography tip.  It was actually quite sweet.  He told me to get as close as I could.  He would point to different objects for me to try to shoot and even took a minute to see how the photos turned out.  He offered some positive feedback and told me not to forget what he taught me.  Although I still have much to learn I was actually quite pleased with how the photos turned out.  Take a peek:

I can only imagine how they would have turned out if I actually knew how to use the camera settings :).  As for the produce, this weekend’s plums were heavenly and Little Miss loved her grapes and strawberries.  Her vegetable of choice this time – corn (one of her daddy’s favorites) and with the help of her nana she picked out three ears so that she could share her daddy and me.  The green beans shall have to wait I suppose.  What about you?  Do you shop at your local farmer’s market?  If you do what are your must have fruits and veggies?

Happy Monday! xo.


p.s.  Have you ever tried spaghetti squash?  I made some for dinner last week for the first time of the fall season.  After trying it at a friend’s house and making it for dinner for my family (the following week!) a year ago I was excited to make this alternative to pasta again.

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